Jazz prodigy Jacob Collier: ‘Quincy Jones told me jazz is the classical music of pop’

When Jacob Collier completed his debut album a few months ago, the first people to hear the mastered version were his manager and his manager’s pal. The manager is Quincy Jones, and his pal was Herbie Hancock. “I was excited and terrified in equal measure,” says Collier. “Luckily, within a few seconds, the pair of them were relaxing on the couch, getting into it. Then Herbie started hooting: ‘Oh man! What the hell was that chord? Wind it back!’” Collier’s music is full of moments that elicit reactions such as this, particularly from musicians. He has recorded dozens of dazzling videos on YouTube: staggeringly complex versions of jazz and soul standards in which he multi-tracks himself singing multiple vocal harmonies ...  Read More »

Jack Antonoff searches for pop salvation on new Bleachers LP

When Jack Antonoff first debuted Bleachers in 2014, the band seemed like a quaint side project for the fun. guitarist. But in the ensuing years, he’s become one of music’s most in-demand producers, minting pop gold for the likes of Taylor Swift and Lorde. Now, three years later, he’s returning to Bleachers once again — and the result, Gone Now, is his most accomplished to date. On the proper follow-up to Strange Desire, Antonoff is more sonically self-assured and conceptually mission-driven, weaving together a 12-song cycle — inspired by the heartbreaking death of his sister, Sarah, from brain cancer when he was 18 — that explores the relationship between loss, youth, and rebirth. While Carly Rae Jepsen and Lorde add ...  Read More »